On Warning money respectively. also Confusedis a fine, the minor ones Administrative offenses by a Managing authority can be raised by the person concerned. The amount of the warning fee is according to § 56 of Administrative Offenses Act between 5 and 55 Euro.

The standard rates of warning money at Traffic offenses are in Germany in a nationwide uniform Fines catalog fixed. When defining the term minor offensethe authority has one Discretionin the meaning of Opportunitätsprinzips. administrative expenses warnings, Unlike Fines, not raised.

In some federal states, it is no longer possible to pay a warning fee in cash. However, the police can control traffic in these federal states by road users or. Affected without residence in Germany to raise penalty payments in cash. If the person concerned does not immediately pay a warning without a German place of residence, so the police can direct one Security deposit raise, which can also mean the forced seizure of objects. In this case, on-site appeals have no suspensive effect.

The citizen accepts a warning notice, by making payment within seven days after Access the written warning. After that the procedure is done and the data will be given after the prescribed Retention periods deleted. When a warning money has been paid, the operation cannot be reproached. 

To § 55 OwiG is one too hearing of the person concerned possible, who thus comments on the allegation. He doesn't have to use it. If he does so, he rejects the warning, like when he’s at an accused Traffic violation was not the driver of the car, so the authority can Fine proceedings initiate, which may. is associated with additional fees. 

If the authority missed the hearing in the warning money procedure, there was a faulty administrative act, but by catching up curable is.

Warning fines are also called "traffic fines". The next higher level is that fine. Im Criminal law is in turn by a Fine spoken.